TWO’s Radio Heroes (Pt. 2)!

We “Oscar” more outstanding volunteer producers as “last call” time arrives for our 30th Anniversary party!

Thailand proposes civil unions for same-gender couples, a severed gay Japanese widower sues his “sister-out-law,” queer rights turn partisan in Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, and Lebanon, India’s government is still roiled by sex law reform, Indonesia’s Parliament slows its slide into “married only” sex statutes, U.S. trans healthcare protections get “Trump’d,” and more international LGBTQ news.

Founders MCC Recognizes TWO’s Lucia Chappelle!

This Way Out’s Associate Producer Lucia Chappelle, who co-founded the only internationally-distributed LGBTQ weekly radio program with Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon, was honored at Founders Metropolitan Community Church (FMCC) on April 22, 2018. This Way Out is celebrating 30 years on the air this month. The presentation was given by FMCC Board Vice-Moderator Dean Coffey, Board Member Roger Owens, and LGBTQ audio archivist Brian DeShazor, who has been coordinating 30th Anniversary events.

Lucia has been involved in FMCC since 1972, and first began doing queer radio with Greg in 1975. Both of them were among the anchors for the live radio broadcast of the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979.

Lucia says, “I was such a kid back then! Coming of age with MCC as my nurturing place had a lot to do with whatever courage it took for me to do the work we were doing before the social environment was as “welcoming” as it is now.

Metropolitan Community Church was founded in Los Angeles in 1968 by the Rev. Troy Perry to serve LGBTQ people, nine months before Stonewall and long before the advent of “open and affirming” churches and synagogues. Nearing its 50th anniversary, MCC has become an international movement, arguably the largest LGBTQ organization in the world.

Lacey Hill at Koori Gras!

The lesbian folksinger builds an indigenous bridge from Canada to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (interviewed by Barry McKay)!

The British government urges sex law reform in recalcitrant Commonwealth countries, activists Twitter-bomb China’s gay ban plan, advocates’ poll shows rising support for Czech marriage equality, rights group joins big banks and legal leaders for lesbian couple’s Hong Kong immigration case, student-led Pride in Pence-town demonstrates diversity, and more global LGBTQ news!

TWO’s Radio Heroes (pt. 1)!

A 30th Anniversary salute to This Way Out’s stalwart volunteers!

Trinidad & Tobago’s top court jettisons anti-sodomy laws, Portugal liberates official gender labels, Ugandan MPs seek to revive the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Act, Carnival Cruises joins the campaign against Bermuda’s marriage equality repeal, Senator Booker pumps U.S. Secretary of State nominee Pompeo on protecting LGBT rights internationally, and more international LGBTQ news!

Dreamtime Divas!

Australia’s awesome aboriginal drag duo entertains for equality!

Another U.S. appeals court advances job bias protections, an “unholy” Texas lesbian family sues Catholic Charities for fostering rights, Finland’s co-moms win automatic parental recognition, DOMA-slayer challenges Pride denial on Mississippi home court, Bermuda delays marriage inequality and messy legal loopholes, and more global LGBTQ news!