TWO’s Radio Heroes (pt. 1)!

A 30th Anniversary salute to This Way Out’s stalwart volunteers!

Trinidad & Tobago’s top court jettisons anti-sodomy laws, Portugal liberates official gender labels, Ugandan MPs seek to revive the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Act, Carnival Cruises joins the campaign against Bermuda’s marriage equality repeal, Senator Booker pumps U.S. Secretary of State nominee Pompeo on protecting LGBT rights internationally, and more international LGBTQ news!

East/West Harmony!

Beijing and Portland choruses join in a queer musical collaboration! Conflicted Costa Rican courts contend with marriage equality! New Zealand clears convictions for consensual gay sex, four more face caning for gay sex in Aceh, Russia blocks a website that “promos homos,” Singapore “unweds” a couple after one’s post-nuptial transition, U.S. doctors decry the “Trump’d” up study on trans service members, and more global LGBTQ news!s!

1988: TWO’s First Six Months!

30th Anniversary memories of the way we were when This Way Out was born!

Conservative Croatians counter gender treaty compliance, a gay Connecticut Justice is denied the top court spot, Louisiana’s high court dumps the governor’s anti-bias order, the Beijing International Film Festival won’t call an Oscar winner by its name, there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow for an anti-queer activist, Pride comes to Pence’s hometown, and more news!

Anti-Gun Uprising & Gay Marlon Bundo!

Queer-inclusive youth take the lead at the Washington, DC March For Our Lives against gun violence (students Emma González, Alex Wind, and Yolanda Renee King speak out)!

V.P. Pence’s family pet gets outed in a bunny book parody with an “Easter egg” planted by “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver (with the voices of Jim Parsons, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and John Lithgow)!

And in NewsWrap: Trump targets trans servicemembers with revised ban plan, Swedish lawmakers apologize with cash to trans victims of forced sterilization, a Kenya appeals court nixes anal exam “proof” of homosexuality, Cynthia “Miranda” Nixon enters New York governor’s race, and more international LGBT news reported this week by Frances O’Brien and Seth Eric Cutler (produced by Steve Pride, written by Greg Gordon).

All this and more on the March 26, 2018 edition of This Way Out!

Correct Ally-nment & Het Marriage Exits

“Outcasting Overtime” straight ally Max offers insights for those who want to join him (with announcer Quinn, produced by Marc Sophos).

“Greetings From Janeland” and “Married Men Coming Out” help guide gays and lesbians out of heterosexual marriages.

A “Rainbow Minute” remembers when Hollywood allowed “Only He-Men in the Chorus” (produced by Judd Proctor and Brian Burns, read by John DeBoer).

And in NewsWrap: a London-married gay couple appeals for recognition in Northern Ireland, the homophobic U.S. V.P. awkwardly meets with Ireland’s openly gay P.M., Rio mourns the assassination of a leading lesbian lawmaker, a “Frozen” drag queen rescues snowbound Boston cops, and more international LGBT news reported this week by Michael LeBeau and Tanya Kane-Parry (produced by Steve Pride, written by Greg Gordon).

All this and more on the March 19, 2018 edition of This Way Out!


 – The first international LGBTQ radio news magazine celebrates 30 years on public radio – 

This Way Out: The international LGBT Radio Magazine is celebrating 30 years of community and public broadcasting in April 2018. The festivities began on April 2nd with the presentation of a proclamation to founding producers Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle by the West Hollywood (California) City Council.

Read more and virtually attend the post-ceremony reception here.

Cher @ Mardi Gras 2018!

You couldn’t ask for a brighter star than Cher to shine over your celebration, and the long-time ally’s show-stopping presence at the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade and After-Party made the historic event even more special! Here’s a sample of some of the fan-posted videos of the festivities, including the on-the-street interview with Cher that’s part of correspondent Barry McKay‘s report.

Oscar @ 90 & Mardi Gras @ 40!

Winning queer remarks inspire at nonagenarian Academy Awards!

Australia’s brutal past backdrops Sydney’s peerless Parade to the future!

Thousands demonstrate against LGBT rights in the Philippines, marriage equality roils lawmakers in El Salvador, Chilé, Panama, and the Caymans, “ballsy” Bermuda official puts tourists before taxpayers, a U.S. appeals court finds trans protections from job bias, Starkville can be proud, and more international LGBT news!

Dreamtime Divas!

Australia’s awesome aboriginal drag duo entertains for equality!

Another U.S. appeals court advances job bias protections, an “unholy” Texas lesbian family sues Catholic Charities for fostering rights, Finland’s co-moms win automatic parental recognition, DOMA-slayer challenges Pride denial on Mississippi home court, Bermuda delays marriage inequality and messy legal loopholes, and more global LGBTQ news!