Our 2019 Year End Campaign!

The whole world is in flux, and it’s not only LGBTQ people and our allies who get up each morning wondering, “What’s next?” This Way Out is rebooting its vision to meet the challenge of covering world-changing events, and taking advantage of the evolution of community radio, online radio, and podcasting. In the next three months, we’re gearing up to be there for listeners around the world who are asking if …

… the next thing you’ll hear may be that a dangerous “religious freedom” bill has passed in Australia!

… the next thing you’ll hear may be that LGBTQ Ugandans are once again facing an attempt to introduce the “kill the gays” bill!

… the next thing you’ll hear may be that the US Supreme Court has decided that trans people’s employment rights are not guaranteed!

… the next thing you’ll hear may be that the Trump administration has stripped more protections for queer people’s rights!

Spearheading our new initiatives to continue covering on-going stories like these is Interim CEO Brian DeShazor, former Executive Director of the Pacifica Radio Archives and noted LGBT audio archivist. With seed money from a generous donation from long-term This Way Out supporters Richard Merk and Brad Peyton of Silicon Valley, Brian’s job will include special programming projects so that …

… the next thing you hear may be our second global town hall meeting on transgender rights around the globe!

… the next thing you hear may be a Washington, DC reporter covering LGBTQ rights and the Presidential election!

… the next thing you hear may be new international producers bringing queer voices from the front lines in the world’s homophobic hotspots!

Brian will also be working on other ways to deepen our connections with community and funding organizations to enhance our ability to produce relevant LGBTQ programming in today’s media environment. If you make a contribution to support our strategic plan …

… the next thing you hear, Overnight Productions will have formed new alliances with professional societies and community organizations whose missions intersect with ours

… the next thing you hear, work will have begun to preserve This Way Out’s historic 30+year archive of the LGBTQ movement’s most influential voices

… the next thing you hear will be the impact a stronger network of This Way Out affiliate stations and online outlets will have on programming and distribution

… the next thing you hear will be a revised development plan and grant research based on the new potential made possible by the Merk/Peyton donation

The next thing you hear is now up to you! There couldn’t be a more pivotal time for you to give your financial support for This Way Out. The seed money has been “planted,” and if they are fertilized by your donation today, these programming and organizational initiatives will become a reality!

Donate today and the next thing you hear could be a wealth of award-winning radio programming on a handy 4G thumb drive. For your one-time donation of $200 or a sustaining monthly donation of $20, please accept a customized This Way Out thumb drive containing one of these collections:

This Way Out 2019
Every edition of your favorite LGBTQ radio show from this year – every NewsWrap, every feature, every interview (some exceptions due to copyright restrictions)!
Archival Specials:
Historic productions like A Conversation with Harvey Milk, The National March on Washington, From Outlaws to In-Laws, Planet Pride, Obama’s Rainbow Reign, and more!

There’s no telling how the next thing we’ll hear will impact LGBTQ rights around the world! For a donation of any amount — $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 or more, one-time or monthly — arm yourself with a This Way Out that’s better able to bring you the information you’ll need to carry on our global movement!